Kids Discovery Club At Home Preschool Education Landing Image Depicting Children doing various academic and art activities
Kids Discovery Club At Home Preschool Education Landing Image Depicting Children doing various academic and art activities

Experts at encouraging whole-child education at the preschool level.

Kids Discovery Club At-Home Program Overview

Kids Discovery Club (KDC) continues its 30+ year legacy of quality preschool education by providing content for parents to guide their children at home in a homeschool format. Through KDC’s program, parents are given daily lesson plans to teach and encourage their little ones aged 3-5 in academic, physical, and spiritual growth.

What will this homeschool curriculum teach my child?

Using KDC’s curriculum, your preschool child will start a journey of learning with a look at colors and color words. Your child will then begin work on the recognition and names of shapes. As the journey continues your child will learn how to identify and write all of the letters of the alphabet and will learn letter sounds. This is reinforced through sign language and gross motor movements. Number work will be introduced with the use of manipulatives and activities. KDC also provides a monthly theme scripture verse to memorize and understand.

Throughout the months, your child will develop gross and fine motor skills through coloring, cutting, gluing, and pencil work. In our “Learning Through Doing” segments, your child will do STEM activities that will challenge your child and help to inspire curiosity. All of this learning content is mixed in with fun-filled arts and crafts, pretending, and dancing to fun music.   

Who developed this homeschool curriculum?

The curriculum on this site comes from Karen Fulbright and Karen Clough who are early childhood education developers with over 33 years of experience each. They are well aware of the uniqueness of each child and have developed an at-home preschool curriculum experience that allows for that uniqueness. Along with the homeschool curriculum, assessment and evaluation tools are given for you to determine your child’s developmental needs. Kids Discovery Club’s goal is to help you guide your child to readiness for Kindergarten and the world beyond.

“We are excited to guide you in this journey of teaching your child. We encourage you to grab a friend and have their little ones join.”

– Founders, Karen & Karen
Karen Clough and Karen Fulbright, Owners of Kids Discovery Club

A Look At The Homeschool Curriculum

Monthly Learning Blocks

Our Monthly Leaning Blocks are the core of the at-home program. Each block contains lesson plans, academic worksheets, art projects, and more for twice-weekly lessons, for four weeks. Working through all 10 blocks constitutes an entire year of preschool education. Monthly Learning Blocks are available for purchase as a digital download.

Worksheets +

Streamlined content pulled from our Learning Blocks for smaller structured lessons. These worksheets are great for preparation for a new school year or for reinforcement. Worksheets + are available for purchase as a digital download.

Words From Parents About KDC's Curriculum