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Preschool Curriculum At Home

Preschool Curriculum At Home

KDC provides parents with academic content and step-by-step instructions to deliver structured preschool activities at home.

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DOUBLE Freebie Activity: Father’s Day + Summer FUN!

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Father's day projects showing a hand painting of a fish, a small clay key holder, shaving cream, and worksheets.
Summer Fun freebie teaser showing legos, a toy ice cream cone, and two "fun lists."

What Will Your Child Learn?

Through KDC’s homeschool curriculum, your preschool-aged child will learn how to identify, speak, and write all of the letters of the alphabet, and will learn how to count and sequence basic numbers. On top of the academic curriculum, your child will develop gross and fine motor movement skills through writing, cutting, and gluing. All of this learning content is mixed in with fun-filled arts and crafts that help reinforce the learning.

Words From Parents About KDC's Curriculum

A World Of Color Preview showing 5 separate images: hand painting of a giraffe and cat, and pencil practice worksheets and name practice worksheets

Learning With KDC

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