“Our goal is to help you teach your preschool child at home by providing day to day, hands on activities and curriculum.”

Karen & Karen

How KDC Came To Be

As your little babies grow we are sure you have noticed the need for more; specifically, more activities to keep them challenged and to keep their little minds growing. Where do you find these activities? How do you incorporate them to best challenge your child? How do you make learning fun? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin this journey of finding tools to use for you and your child. 

We are Karen Clough and Karen Fulbright. We have affectionately been called “the Karens!” We have run a Christian based Preschool for over 30 years, and we now want to share our two-year curriculum for you to enable you to teach your little one(s) at home.

Karen Fulbright has been married for 45 years and has 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Karen Clough has been married for 22 years and has 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Both of us have our BA in education. Karen F. began with teaching 1st grade and kindergarten while Karen C began with teaching family and consumer sciences. We taught for several years in the public school system and then took a pause while God blessed us with children. As best friends, we were always looking for ways to supplement our incomes together. One summer, we created a summer exploration program for children that we called “Kids Discovery Club!”

We taught for various preschools until we realized we desired to see a program that we felt would suit the needs of our own small ones as well as for others’. We desired to see the class size smaller so that we could more adequately meet the needs of each individual child. 

After this realization of a need for a different type of preschool we began our own school: Kids Discovery Club Christian Preschool! This school was established in 1989. We were busy, but loved every minute of the challenge. Little did we know how God would bless us and the families that walked through our doors. 

Now, many years later, God has us going a different direction. We are privileged to share our curriculum and years of experience with you.

We pray that you and your child will experience an excitement and joy for learning.

K & K

Karen Clough and Karen Fulbright, Owners of Kids Discovery Club

Karen Clough (left) and Karen Fulbright (right) | Owners