Monthly Learning Blocks

Each Learning Block comes with:
  • Balanced Lesson Plans
  • Fun Artwork Templates
  • Academic Practice Sheets
  • A Thematic Scripture Verse
  • And More!

Each Learning Block contains content for twice-a-week lessons, for four weeks.

World Of Color

Learning Block 1 | August*

Digital Product

USD $27.00

Exploring space and shapes projects compiled together, showing a monkey with a helmet, various paper space aliens, and worksheets

Exploring Space & Shapes

Learning Block 2 | September*

Fall Fun projects compiled together showing, a bat art piece, an owl piece, a paper bag scarecrow, and various worksheets

Fall Fun

Learning Block 3 | October*

Digital Product

USD $27.00

Give Thanks projects compiled together, showing a turkey hat, a turkey painting, a hedgehog art piece, and various worksheets

Give Thanks

Learning Block 4 | November*

Digital Product

USD $27.00

Christmas projects compilation showing a gingerbread cutout, a reindeer painting, a stocking cut out, a snow man art project, and various worksheets


Learning Block 5 | December*

Digital Product

USD $27.00

Creepy crawlies units compiled together showing an ant hat, a slug on a leaf, ants on a table, a caterpillar painting, and various worksheets

Creepy Crawlies

Learning Block 6 | January*

World of science projects compiled together showing an umbrella in the rain painting, a penguin, a fun monster, and various worksheets

World Of Science

Learning Block 7 | February*

Wild Animals projects compiled together showing a giraffe, a hippo, a snake painting, monkeys, and a safari hat

Wild Animals

Learning Block 8 | March*

Under the sea projects compiled together showing a shark cut out, a lobster hat, a fish with many scales, and various worksheets

Under The Sea

Learning Block 9 | April*

Down On The Farm learning block showing fun crafts depicting farm animals, and worksheets

Down On The Farm

Learning Block 10 | May*

*Please Note: Our Learning Blocks follow the typical 10 month school year beginning in August and have art corresponding to the seasons and holidays. You can begin any learning block at any time of year!