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Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm

“Old MacDonald Had a Farm”…..  In our “Down on the Farm” learning block we will create a Cow Letter Bag, make Horses, Cats, Ducks, Lambs, and Pigtails!  We will roll the dice to make holes in cheese, balance duck food, and write in the mud!

Since we have finished up our letters and letter sounds we will spend this time in review of what we have learned throughout our previous 9 learning blocks.

You Child will:

  • Do Letter Matching
  • Review Shapes
  • Review Colors and Color words
  • Practice number counting and writing
  • Play Alphabet Bingo
  • Learn our Scripture Verse: Luke 6:37

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You can download this digital product to any device that has the ability to store files/folders (desktops, and most tablets/phones), however, to get the best learning experience you will need to print various worksheets, so we suggest downloading this product on a desktop platform.

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