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Teaching Tips

Helpful Practices

Best Practices From Our 30 Years Of Experience

Create a designated spot to hold school. This will help the child to understand this is “school” time. It would be good to have a calendar on a “bulletin board” area, bible verse, color, shape or letter that you are working on, a flag to say the pledge of allegiance. Familiarize yourself with the materials you will be using for the day. We suggest you pre-read the book you will read and listen to any music you will be using. You may want to download the patterns using cardstock instead of copy paper. The cardstock makes a sturdier pattern, thus easier to trace. As you are producing art projects you will end up with scraps of paper. Make yourself a scrap box. It will be very handy and save you from using full sheets of paper for future projects. Have fun!! Be silly, laugh enjoy this time with your child. Create an atmosphere that encourages your child to want to learn with you. Be sure to encourage your child to do their best. Each child is at different ability levels. If you know they have tried their best give them lots of praise….if they are just trying to hurry through their work, encourage them to slow down and remind them that they should always be proud of their work. In time you will see so much growth when the atmosphere is filled with fun and encouragement.

Calendar Time

Here's How It Works!

Grab a calendar! Preferably this year 😉 You will use this calendar to help your child learn days of the week, learn to count days, and more.

Every day you discover, we encourage you to begin the day with calendar time.  

Sing the “Days of the Week & Months of the year.” On Spotify here.

Ask Questions

  • Ask your child, “What day is it?”
  • Point to the day header and ask, “How do you know this says Monday?” Look at the letters in the word.
  • “What day was Yesterday?” Point.
  • “What day is Tomorrow?”
  • “What is the name of this month?” Look at the letters in the word.

Each day add number(s) to the correct date on the calendar. Your child points to the numbers and counts. When finished counting take a look at the pattern developing and discuss the pattern.

Pledge Of Allegiance

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag..."

If you have a stamp pad and stamps you can stamp their right hand or you can place a sticker on their right hand! Have your child stand and hold the flag placing their right hand on their heart. Recite the pledge together. They will have it memorized before you know it! This is a great time to talk about why we say the Pledge of Allegiance. Talk about how we are proud of our country and the men and women who work very hard to protect it. Because of this, we stand very straight and tall in respect.

Monthly Memory Verse

Memorization Skills!

Each month you will be presented with a new scripture verse for you and your child to learn. We will give you the verse ready to be downloaded so you can place it where you do your circle time. You will be surprised how quickly these verses will be memorized. We encourage you to come up with a few hand motions to use while saying the verse.

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